Shipping can make or break your online business! Read this article and discover how to properly manage your shipping online!

As an online business owner, you control the customer’s experience and for that reason, you need to make sure it is impeccable. You are the one who approved the images, write the ads, write the emails, tweak your website, and etc. Once your product leaves your store and has to be shipped to your customer you need to see it as a process of handing over your brand to the hands of a complete stranger.

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You need to remember one thing and that is your shipping can make or break your online business in different ways. You can choose the wrong shipping partner and be prepared to watch your customer leave your store as they will suffer a poor shopping experience. If you don’t plan this properly, you may fail and lose your business.

In this article, we will go over some basics on how to properly manage your shopping online. We will discuss packaging, resources, and couriers. Let’s start!

 A few years ago, packaging, shipping, and delivery was a way to receive a certain product you have purchased online. But today more and more people are looking for packaging, shipping, and presentation to be part of the overall shopping experience. The presentation and the packaging are your options to set yourself and your business apart. You may consider Trunk Club which is a highly popular service that sends customers a selection of clothes and accessories each month. Their packaging is part of their brand and in some way, the box used to deliver the products represent the overall brand’s design. Everlane is just another amazing example of someone that uses their packaging as an effective marketing channel.

Before you ship the products that are ordered, you need to package them properly for a safe transport. There are a few options you could use. You can use boxes or envelopes. Uline is is a great choice when it comes to packaging materials and can offer you more than 1300 size of package cushioning, bubble mailers, and boxes.

Some of the best couriers that will help you manage your shipping online and provide a better service to your customers are USPS, Canada Post, UK Royal, Australia Post, FedEx, and UPS.

Shipping is a really demanding area of any online store. Every business will have their own challenges and will need to work through to overcome and develop the best shipping strategy.

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